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Kisi-kisi UN SMA 2011

Thanks to the grace of Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah we have obtained the file grille National Examination 2011 from a very informative educational practitioners. UN grille 2011 grille covers the National Exam for senior high schools, junior high schools, vocational, SMPLB, and their UN SMALB in 2011. Besides, we also include Permendiknas no. 46 on the Implementation of UN 2011 and No game. 45 of 2010 regarding Graduation Criteria. Please you to download it for free from this site National Exam.

Kisi-kisi Ujian Nasional 2011

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The national examination 2010/2011 school year upper secondary school level / madrasah aliyah / vocational high school (SMA / MA / SMK) will be held 18 to 21 April 2011. While the level of junior high school / madrassa tsanawiyah (SMP / MTs) will be held 25 to 28 April 2011.

UN schedule is listed in the Minister of National Education (the game) Number 45 Year 2010 regarding Graduation and Permendiknas Criteria No. 46 on the Implementation of UN junior high and high school Academic Year 2010/2011, signed the National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh Monday (01/04/2011) in Jakarta.

In April next UN has used a new formula for determining graduation of the combined value of the UN with the school, including school exams and the value of report cards.

Head of Research and Development Mansyur Kemdiknas Ramly said the UN Supplementary SMA / MA / SMK will be held April 25 to 28, 2011 and graduation announcements education unit at the latest by May 16, 2011.

While the UN Supplementary SMP / MTs held 3 to 6 May 2011, while the UN announcement of SMP / MTs by the educational unit on June 4, 2011. "UN competence vocational vocational school held no later than one month before the examination begins," said Mansour.

Before graduation was announced, the school sends the school values to be combined with the results of the UN to Kemdiknas. Furthermore, after combined with the formula of 60 percent of the UN plus the 40 percent value of the school, the value is returned to the school. Schools combine value with other subjects. "There are seven other subjects must be passed. What determines the fixed graduation educational unit, "said Mendiknas RI M. Nuh.

Mendiknas RI M. Nuh went on, the map value analysis will be conducted each school. Schools that low value such interventions will be carried out in 2010 which provides incentive funds amounting to Rp 1 billion as a stimulus to the 100 districts that have a low value of the UN.

Incentive funds were awarded to districts with a graduation percentage of students less than 80 percent. In addition to funding, the government also intervened in the program to improve teacher competency and remedial. "There is no specific target students' graduation. The target is the implementation of UN honesty. It is more expensive because of the graduation rate last year was 99 percent, "said Mendiknas RI M. Nuh.


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