Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latihan Soal UN SMA 2012 - IPA

National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) states, the implementation of the National Examination (UN) for High School (SMA) and Junior High School (SMP) throughout the archipelago that was held March 22 to 26 for high school and March 29 to April 1 for this junior running smoothly and seamlessly.

It is delivered Members BSNP Teuku Ramli Zakaria during a press conference at the Ministry of Education, Thursday (1/4/2010). "UN goes smoothly, both with a variety of improvements," he said.

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Even if there are deviations that occur, he added, is not too significant. The number of deviations that occur even more decreased from previous years. Moreover, Ramli confirmed the minister had immediately instructed the prosecution and giving action to the parties involved.

In the same occasion, the Head of Public Relations PIH Setiono said that under UN Command Post notes, there are approximately 1023 received short message to the service shelters, 41 electronic mail and a facsimile.

Meanwhile, the information conveyed violation achieve electronic media and print media information 1891 as many as 237. Complaints and information related disorders of the most prominent implementation of the UN, including damage to matter, tertukarnya about the UN at the high school level, reports have liquid funds and related areas affected by flooding. In addition, the UN also alleged leak.


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