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Prediksi UN SMA 2012

National Exam will be defined better by holding a workshop for 3 days. This was stated by the Deputy Ministry of National Education Prof. Dr.. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D., at the opening of the National Workshop on the Main Graha Building A, Ministry of National Education, on Friday (23 / 9).

National exams including the UN high school will remain dilaksanakann because it was supported by the president and ministers. Only the UN system needs to be repaired. Statement Fasli Jalal (Kemdiknas) in his speech when opening the National Examination Organization Management Workshop 2012 which started 23-25 ​​at Hotel Salak, Bogor.

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National Examination (UN) 2010/2011 academic year to SMA / SMK / MA private sector began to show its quality. In the city of Malang and Batu, East Java, the graduation rate of students in private schools reached 100 percent. Meanwhile, the number of students SMA / SMK / MA in public schools in two cities, which did not pass the reached 26 students.

Nevertheless, the UN this year remains a lucky year for all schools. Having been in accordance with the target and almost reached 100 percent, far better than the previous year.

In Stone Town for example, a total of 1528 participants from UN SMA / SMK / MA, there are only 4 students are not graduating or graduation rate reached 99.73 percent. The details, from the participants SMA / SMA as many as 697 participants, only three students did not pass. As for vocational students, a total of 831 participants from UN, only a student who was unlucky not pass the alias.

Head of Education Office of the City of Stone, Zakaria says, although it failed to meet the graduation of 100 percent, this year's achievement has been spelled out very good compared to last year. For the UN last academic year 2009/2010, the number of participants UN SMA / MA / SMK in the resort town, the Stone Town, a total of 2099 student participants of the UN, as many as 463 students who did not pass.

"Ideally, our target is 100 percent. But it failed to be realized. However, even then, we could fix the UN the previous year dropped enough," he admitted on Monday (5/16/2011).

Related to that, Zakaria appealed to students who graduate to not celebrate with a convoy ride motorcycles recklessly on the highway.

"Parents and teachers forbid children and students celebrate excessively, the convoy in the streets," he said.

Preferably, said Zakaria, a graduate student, celebrate with gratitude at their respective schools or at home.

"If the clothes can be given to the poor who can not afford to buy uniforms," ​​he advised.

Figures failure

Meanwhile, the UN participants from a total of 14,153 students in Malang, there are 22 students did not pass. As many as 5704 students from SMA / MA, only 3 students who did not pass.

While vocational students, number 8449, as many as 19 students did not pass. At the UN in plainly, in the city of education, Malang, the number of participants UN SMA / MA / SMK many as 18,224 students, who are not graduating as many as 2330 students.

Head of Education Office of Malang, Sri Wahyuningtyas admitted quite satisfied with this year's graduation rate. Moreover, from the ten State High School, there is only one public high school whose students are not graduating.

"From SMAN 1 to 10, as many as three students who did not graduate. It comes from SMA Negeri 6. Students from other schools, graduation rate reached 100 percent," said Wahyuningtyas.

In addition, from the high school student / private vocational school graduation rate reached 100 percent. It shows the quality of education in private schools are also not inferior to public school quality.

"Private schools able to graduate 100 percent, has shown that private schools continue to improve itself and not to be outdone by the country. This is real evidence," said the woman who was familiarly called Yuyun it.

Malang City itself, I Yuyun, targeting students for graduation this year 100 percent. However, despite failing to be realized, at least the times that there are much better than last year, which many students fail to pass the examination.

"Thankfully, many are graduating," he said.


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