Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latihan Soal UN SMA 2012 - Program Keagamaan

At least 11,443 high school students, or about 0.78 percent did not pass the National Exam 2011. This amount is much less compared to last year the percentage ketidaklulusannya reached 0.96 percent. From the National Education Ministry data, the number is calculated from all students who sign the UN, the 1,476,575 students.

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However, in the journey, there are schools that do not include the value of school or report cards. It resulted in thousands of students are forced to lose 40 percent of the value of graduation.

"That put the value it as much as 1,467,058 or 99.36 percent, or there are 9517 that do not provide data," said Education Minister Mohammad Nuh told reporters at a news conference on Friday (05/13/2011) afternoon in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, students who did not join the UN there are about 5117 or 0.35 percent. After going through the evaluation process, from 16,835 high school students all over Indonesia who follow the UN as much as 1,461,941 students. High school students who pass the examination this year reached 1,450,498 students, or 99.22 percent.


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