Friday, January 7, 2011

Latihan soal UN SMA/MA 2011

Of the 60,135 high school students who follow the UN 2010, in Jakarta there are 5610 students who did not pass. The number of vocational students who fail to reach 5069 students from 64,813 students who follow the UN.

Head of Education Office of DKI Jakarta Taufik Yudi Mulyanto said, although the average graduation DKI still above the average national graduation, 89.88 percent, he still was not satisfied on these results, let alone a decline compared to last year. In North Jakarta, the failure rate is quite high. According to the Head Office of High School Higher Secondary Education (Dikmenti) North Jakarta Didi Suprijadi, high school students who are not graduating this year 1311 from 7869 (16.66 percent). This figure includes North Jakarta and the Thousand Islands District Administration. Let us improve the results of the UN high school graduation 2011 with high school practice soalUN 2011!

For all UN SMA 2011 Exercise Problem please Download here. May you succeed UN High Year 2011!


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