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Latihan Soal UN SMA 2012 - Program Bahasa

A student at SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Kali Rejo, Central Lampung District, three times does not pass the national examination (UN). In fact, the student, Nur Hidayatusholihah, has always been a class champion in every year.

Hidayatusholihah Nur, who is familiarly called Nunung, to 2011 has been to follow the UN for the fourth time. He was forced many times to follow the UN because of its value in less mathematics. Conversely, Nunung reluctant to use the answer key that is always given a teacher one day before the UN.

"Three times did not pass the examination, and he's always been a class champion. He wanted to prove, he could graduate with a sense of honesty. He refused to use the answers given by the teacher several days before the UN," said the chairman of Muhammadiyah Student Association Slamet Effendy Achmad Nur told Reuters. com, Monday (04/25/2011) in Jakarta.

Slamet continued, Nunung parents had several times suggested that her son take the exam package C. However, Nunung refused.

"Sometimes Nunung frustrated, yetapi deliberately, he wanted to graduate with an honest," said Slamet.

According to Slamet, the teachers at the high school one time Muhammdadiyah Rejo, Central Lampung, intentionally distributing answer keys for ease of graduation students. They want to maintain the good name of the school. Ironically, Nunung always be the only student who did not pass the examination, at least in the last three years.

"The key to the answers given by teachers, by teams, and organized. When asked, the teachers thought if there are students who do not pass, will tarnish the good name of the school. Nunung be the only student who did not graduate," said Slamet.

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Related to that, said Slamet, it wants to conduct an investigation into some of the local education office. Cheating is judged very systematic, which makes students feel very relaxed due to learning or not, they'll pass.

"The answer was given before the UN. We got the information, all of it based on instructions from the Department of Education Central Lampung," he said.

Slamet said the data was being leaked to several media, including the Minister of National Education.

"This is just a small example, and I think this happens in many schools. I am also surprised, SMA Muhammadiyah like that," said Slamet.


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